Is Funeral Live Streaming Still Needed In 2023?

The answer is, yes.

We didn’t expect funerals to become something we’d film a lot of but during the pandemic this became a regular service for us. Funerals could only allow a maximum of 30 people at the time and therefore anyone else that wanted to be part of the funeral service could only do this by watching a live stream.

Whilst more people can now attend funerals, numbers seem to be back to what they were pre-pandemic. People have changed their habits and the desire to travel long distance’s or that it is sensible to travel long distances has changed. The pandemic, climate change and the cost of living have all become key factors in the decision to return home for a funeral and this is why this service continues to be needed in 2023 and beyond.

We’ve been booked to provide funeral live streaming services by clients as far away as the USA, Australia and New Zealand who can’t make the trip back home to the UK.

Whilst it wasn’t a service we expected to be offering we’re glad we can continue to provide funeral live streams when they’re needed knowing the comfort it brings to friends and families all over the world that can’t be at a funeral service in-person but knowing they can be part of it, in real time, regardless of location or ability to travel.

If you’re looking for funeral live streaming services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Areas covered include –

Bristol funeral live streaming, North Somerset funeral live streaming, Somerset funeral live streaming, Gloucestershire funeral live streaming, Devon funeral live streaming, bath funeral live streaming, Cornwall funeral live streaming, Dorset funeral live streaming.

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